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Annual Meeting

ACIC 2023 <br/> Austin, Texas

ACIC 2023
Austin, Texas

The 2023 American Causal Inference Conference (ACIC) will be held in Austin, Texas – Date: May 24-26 2023

ACIC is an interdisciplinary conference designed to bring together researchers, students, and practitioners of causal inference with emphasis on theory, methodology, and application.

2023 Conference Call for Submissions


Short courses will be half-day on Friday May 26, 2023. Submission requirements include a Course Title, Course abstract, Course outline, and learning objectives. Please note, all short courses must be taught in person.

Short Course submissions will open October 18th and close January 6, 2023.


Abstracts may be considered for an oral presentation or poster presentation. Oral presentations will be one of 3-4 presentations in a 70-minute parallel session. We are only selecting individual paper submissions, rather than panel submissions. The submission format is a title and short abstract. Please note, all presentations must be in person. We especially encourage submissions highlighting the many applications of causal inference across disciplines.

Abstract submissions will open October 18th and close January 6, 2023.


SCI members are invited to participate in reviewing abstract submissions for the upcoming conference.  Reviews will be conducted online through the SCI website. Current 2023 SCI Membership is required to participate. Click here to renew your membership. 

Abstract reviews will begin on January 10, 2023 with reviews due by January 23rd..